Running Boards vs. Nerf Bars vs. Rock Sliders

Nerf Bars and Rock sliders are two of the most popular improvements when it comes to mods and addons. Sliders/ Nerf Bars were clearly on the list of the top aftermarket accessories. What you use it for will determine whether you go with rock slides, nerf bars, automatic side steps. While they all serve the same objective for the most part, they are all very different in the end.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are an improvement that gives your rocker panels the optimum protection. Rock sliders like the Metal Tech sliders are built of a more durable material than Nerf bars.

Rock sliders are exactly what they sound like. They slide over stumps, rocks, and humps, so if you’re stuck on one, they’ll slip off. Instead of stressing about your rocker panels being damaged, the sliders bear the brunt of the punishment.

Each scratch or imperfection on the sliders detracts from the value of your 4×4. That alone is a significant benefit for anyone who takes their daily automobile off-road. While most sliders are designed to safeguard your rockers exclusively, there are some that are designed to serve many purposes. These sliders include protrusions for you, so they can be used as step bars as well.

Running Boards

While most 4×4 come with running boards as an extra, yours might not, so we’ve included this part.Running boards provide no protection against anything significant. They do, however, offer some protection against small items such as humps, rocks, and stumps. These small obstacles have the ability to damage your rocker panels.

Running boards are primarily used for aesthetics rather than defence. They serve as a step, although they are usually not as durable as aftermarket alternatives. The reason for this is since, as previously stated, they are much more of a decorative item.

What are Automatic Running Boards?

There are manufacturers who create retractable running boards or side steps. These strong running boards are designed to be utilized as a step while entering or exiting a vehicle.The advantage of retractable running boards over having them extend out is improved aerodynamics, and they also appear much nicer.

Ultimately, you should only utilize running boards on your 4×4 if it is your city car and that you do not require shielding.If you are in the market for electric side steps Australia has a couple of manufacturers you can look into.

Nerf Bars

Out of all these upgrades, the Nerf bar is by far the most popular. The Nerf bar was designed to keep car racing tires from being tangled in the tires of other vehicles. Nerf bars were prominent in the 1960s and 1970s for adding safety to trucks and SUVs.

While nerf bars provide some protection, they are usually not formed of heavy metal. So, if you’re doing light trail running or your 4×4 is just a city car, Nerf bars are the way to go.

They perform an excellent job of shielding your truck from damage caused by other people’s vehicle doors. They provide security from small objects on pathways, but most boulders will damage them. All Nerf bars come with some form of storage area.

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