Various Types of Paint Rollers

Not everyone has knowledge on the field of paints and the equipment used. And the process of painting is not easy as it seems. It really needs a certain knowledge on that particular field and skills to get the job done in a proper manner. Paint rollers are one of the most important equipment used in the painting process. These are mainly used to paint large areas like big rooms and halls.

There are many types of paint rollers available in the market. Each of them can be used for different kind of purposes. You should make sure you have a particular knowledge about the paint roller you are going to select and a proper idea on where you are going to use it. So, now let us go through the main types of paint rollers available in the market and get to know about their uses as well.

Manual paint rollers

Manual paint rollers are the type of paint rollers which are considered as paint rollers. Because most of the people don’t know that there are more types of them in the market. Paint is applied to walls and ceilings with manual paint rollers. The specialty of this is the ability of extending the length of the handles which will make the process of painting high surfaces very easy.

Textured paint rollers

Textured paint rollers are used in the process of helping to transfer pain onto a surface with texture on it. This is considered as the best and the most accurate method to apply paint on a surface which will depict an artificial finishing. They help in making textured surfaces looking alike brick, stone, wood and tile as well. Even textured paint rollers are used for painting large surfaces like ceilings and walls.

Microfibre paint rollers

Microfibre paint rollers are a special type of paint rollers because of their eco-friendly nature, affordable price ranges and most importantly, they could be used repeatedly. They are also well known for the ability to hold onto the paint way better than all other paint rollers. This will ensure a smooth and perfect finishing of the painting. Microfibre roller are better for surfaces where it is needed to provide a consistent and smooth application.

Thin and thick nap paint rollers

Commonly a thin nap paint roller uses a ¼ sized nap while the thick nap uses a ¾ sized nap. Thin nap rollers are used for wall paintings while thick nap rollers are mostly used on brick, masonry, drywall and ceilings. The most common materials which use thin nap paint rollers can be stated as wood and metal.

These are the main types of paint rollers which are used mostly. There are also some more types of paint rollers like pad paint rollers, specialty paint rollers, long and small paint rollers as well. So, it is way better to have a good understanding about the type of paint roller and its uses before buying it.

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